was officially founded in 2008


Between opera and wine

Starting from 2010, I also introduced a novelty: the refinement of Brandisio in the barrel room brought to the acoustic resonance, with some selected pieces (of classical music at the beginning) and currently only of Canti Gregoriani.

The Collection

Manual harvesting and control of each bunch allows to bring only ripe and healthy grapes to the cellar. Essential basis for the production of quality wines.


The cultivation of the vineyards is carried out without the aid of fertilizers and according to concepts of natural agriculture that go beyond organic. These cultivation techniques allow to significantly increase the polyphenol content (which together with alcohol produce a significant concentration of Omega 3 in the human body)


it is obtained exclusively from the grapes of the vineyards of my property which are around forty years old and are located on the only hill of Primitivo di Manduria. It is not an approved wine and has well-marked and peculiar organoleptic characteristics which are the result of the interactions between climate, territory and plants, cultivated with saplings. Interactions that characterize it in every vintage which will therefore never be identical to the previous one. The cultivation of the vines is carried out without the aid of fertilizers and according to concepts of natural agriculture that go beyond organic. The grapes are harvested manually in order to bring only ripe and healthy grapes to the cellar, a fundamental precaution for producing quality wine.

The tasting

The bottle should be uncorked at least one or, better, several hours before tasting. It is also advisable to pass the wine in a carafe using a filter, before serving it, taking care to leave a small amount in the bottle where any deposits will remain (which can be used to prepare, for example, a nice Primitivo risotto) due to the fact that the wine was not filtered. This is to avoid the loss of some of its peculiar organoleptic characteristics. The serving temperature is around 18/20 ° C. It should be emphasized that the best expression in terms of aromas and flavors is obtained after a short period of permanence of the wine in the glass, which must be strictly in a very large glass. With the passing of the minutes you will be able to perceive the evolution of the organoleptic characteristics that will widen in terms of aromatic intensity and flavors. It is advisable to swirl the wine in the glass, before checking its evolution, since it is precisely the contact with the oxygen of the air that allows the release of aromas and flavors.

The combinations

Brandisio goes well with both tasty and / or spicy dishes (not excessively) and with grilled meat. I think it doesn’t go well with parmesan or even with tomato-based sauces, better grated pecorino cheese on pasta. If you decide to taste wine with cheese, I recommend the not very seasoned goat cheese (or pecorino).



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