was officially founded in 2008

Oreste Tombolini vitivinicultore

I’m the producer of Brandisio, I became a winemaker by vocation and cultural heritage (my maternal grandfather, named Brandisio, was a winemaker) after spending about forty years of my life in the Italian Navy from which I retired with the rank of rear admiral .

I launched into this new adventure with the awareness of “landing” in a very competitive world, that of quality wine. I have no ambition to compete with the most famous producers who make wine by profession.

Mine is not, however, an amateur approach. Before starting I studied two Japanese scientists: Teruo Higa and Masanobu Fukuoka. Their discoveries helped me to cultivate my vineyards exclusively with natural methods.

I therefore set myself the objectives: the protection and safeguard of the environment, the regeneration of the territory and the ethics of production.

All this involves risks, first of all that of having crops that are poor in terms of quantity but very rich in perfumes and anti-oxidant substances: polyphenols and proanthocyanidins in particular.

The result is a wine that I try to improve from year to year, without manipulating it, both from an organoleptic and health point of view. In this adventure, I would like to be able to count on a very limited clientele, to which I assure the utmost respect by reporting the necessary information about my wine from time to time, which I like to define as “authentic”.